Dell EMC

Artists: Dexter and Shane Download your caricatures here

Dell EMC at Out&Equal

Artists: Salah Khudari and Kiko Download your caricatures here

First Fuel at Esource Forum

Artist: Doug Shannon Download your caricatures here

Thomson Reuters at IAAO

Artist: Doug Shannon Download your Caricature Here


Engie at CA League of Cities

Artist: Doug Shannon Download your caricature HERE

Strauman final reception

Artist: Salah Khudari Download your caricature HERE

VMware at VMworld

Artist: Doug Citizen         Sunday downloads here         Tuesday downloads here

Dell EMC

Artists: Dexter Rothchild & Shane MacMahon     Download your caricatures here

Engie at Energy Exchange

Artrist: Doug Shannon       Download Your Caricature Here

Equinix at the Epic

Artists: Carlos Ampudia and Ryan Rhoads              Download your Caricature Here