Equinix at the Epic

Artists: Carlos Ampudia and Ryan Rhoads              Download your Caricature Here

Accenture at MESC

Artist: Doug Shannon         Download your caricature here

Citrix at Blackhat

Artist: Doug Shannon        Download your caricatures here

GeoBlue at Humentum

Artist: Angie Jordan          Download your caricature here

Deerland at IFT

Artist: Roger Hurtado                Download your caricature here

Summerfest at Facebook HQ

Ten artists at Facebook SummerFest event. 

Download your caricatures here

Dell at Channel Link

Artist: Dan McMahon                Download your caricature Here

Dell at Antman/Wasp Premiere afterparty

Artist: Kiko           Download Your Caricatures Here

Dell ISTE Shedd

Artist: Roger Hurtado               Download your caricature here

Dell EMC

Artist: Roger Hurtado       Download June 13 HERE    Download June 14 HERE


Artist: Roger Hurtado              Download Monday caricatures HERE

Thomson Reuters at AICPA Engage

Artist: Rose Shannon        Download your caricature HERE