SYSCO at National Restaurant Show

Artists: Kiko, Salah Khudari & Michael Graessle          Download your caricature HERE

Thomson Reuters at SAPPHIRE

Artist: Michael Graessle                   Download your caricature HERE

Equinix at The Palm

Artists: Roger Hurtado and Angel Contreras    Download your caricatures here

4Sight at Manhattan Momentum

Artists: Kiko and Roger Hurtado                    Download your caricature HERE

Dell EMC World 2017

Artists: Salah Khudari & Doug Citizen              Download your caricature HERE


Kipp Teacher Appreciation

Artist: Salah Khudari                   Download your caricature HERE

Generali Global Assistance at CCUA

Artist: Michael Graessle             Caricature jpegs delivered by client

Opterra at MSBO

Artist: Roger Hurtado     

Televerde at Jiveworld

Artist: Kiko                 Download your caricature HERE

Scout Funds at Morningstar

Artist: Doug Shannon                          

Opterra at ASBO

Artist: Roger Hurtado      

Experian at NAHAM