Equinix at Gartner Catalyst

Artist: Julia Kelly             Download your caricature HERE


Artists: Salah Khudari & Kiko    Download your caricatures here

Opterra/Engie at Energy Exchange

Artist: Doug Shannon           Caricatures to be delivered by e-mail

Subaru Connect

Artist: Doug Shannon     Download your caricature HERE

Family Hack at Facebook HQ

Artists: Salah Khudari, Zach Trenholm and Marcus Sakoda   Download your caricature HERE

GeoBlue at Inside NGO

Artist: Angie Jordan                     Download your caricatures here


Multiple artists          Download your caricature here


Artists: Doug Shannon, Rose Shannon                    Download your caricature HERE

Jack Jaffa Cruise

Artists: Michaele Graessle & Ed Steckley     Download your caricatures here

Sutter at Gateway Oaks

Artist: Salah Khudari                Download your caricature HERE

Brunswick at Bowl Expo

Artist: Michael Graessle         Download your caricature HERE