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As the innovator of the "big screen, little print" style of live digital caricature, Doug sparked a wildfire of demand for live digital caricature, and to help him meet that demand Doug created EventToons Inc. "My goal is to bring the best talent together with the best clients," he says, and his lineup of artists reflects that high standard. EventToons artists are the artists that Doug loves and respects, not only for their artistic merit but for their professionalism and people skills. Doug's vast experience allows him to give these artists the support that enables them to be their best. Whether you choose Doug or one of his associate artists, you can rest assured you have the best live digital talent available!



Our most easygoing artist, Salah has a sweet temperament and a pen stroke to match. But don't  let that easygoing attitude fool you. When the queue forms, Salah kicks butt.



Rose Shannon, our own Miss Congeniality, makes no apologies for being the founders' daughter. Rose has the calm confidence of a seasoned pro, and she connects with her subjects in a way that leaves them all warm and fuzzy.  Rose also makes a specialty of drawing caricatures from photos, and keeps very busy drawing large corporate groups. 



Kiko draws with a spritely spirit at furious pace. For caricatures that are fast and fun, with on-the-money likenesses, Kiko delivers like nobody else!



Michael's caricatures are gorgeously rendered with lush color and a beautiful line, which is what you might expect from a professional illustrator and artist. And while he may look serious while he's drawing nobody does a better job at capturing the fun in a face. 


Roger Hurtado

His playfully sensuous line and generously detailed coloring distinguish him plenty, but when combined with his congenial attitude they certify Roger as a standout talent .



Zach Trenholm         

Zach is famous among his peers for his celebrity caricatures which have been published in nearly every magazine you can name. He's now focussed on live digital caricature, but he hasn't changed his trademark style one bit, and when you see his work you'll know why.