EventToons Inc. is devoted to providing live digital caricature services to corporate customers. It was founded in 2010 by Doug Shannon, a San Francisco based caricaturist of 25 years, legendary for his deadly accurate caricatures and entertaining repartee. Doug uses state of the art technology to deliver a unique blend of art and marketing that has taken the trade show and corporate event world by storm.

Doug leaves his French easels and chalks at home, arriving at your venue with 21st century tools for creating likenesses—an iPad! Every stroke is mirrored in real time on an external display, giving onlookers an intimate inside view of the artistic process. Caricatures are completed confidently and quickly, so that a vivid full color print is in the hand of the subject, start-to-finish, within 5-10 minutes.

Although caricature is an art, EventToons is first and formost a marketing company. Your logo and/or message is prominent at every step of the process, from the external display to the final print. With badge holders and clips added, you can watch your clients wearing their caricatures around the venue, acting as walking billboards your brand.  

At your corporate event or trade show, your guest and clients are Doug’s most important responsibilty. While caricature artists have a historical reputation for exaggerating features we’d rather not see emphasized, Doug makes no apologies for his rose-colored glasses approach to the art form. As a trade show and conference specialist, “My subjects are all potential customers or partners of my client. I look at the in the best light, which is incidentally, exactly how I look at myself in the mirror every morning.” As a result, he rarely gets a complaint, in fact you may have to reassure a person that yes, you do look that good!

And the fun doesn't stop after the event. Digital caricatures can shared instantly by text or e-mail or downloaded from here at These digital caricatures take on a life of their own on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn—hopefully with client branding included! It isn't uncommon for Doug to run into someone at a trade show who shows him a caricature he'd drawn several years earlier at another show still residing on their cellphone.

Wherever your event, show or conference will be located, Doug can be there. And if his scheduling doesn’t allow it, he’ll subcontract the best available artists for you. Guaranteed, EventToons talent, experience and technology will deliver both raves and ROI.